Fighting for par: Why Knapp’s par grind is very relevant in Card Golf Tour

Mexico Open at Vidanta | Nick Sahrmann

In order to score well on the course, a golfer must understand their odds of hitting a successful shot. The same can be said at the card table. A player must be able to recognize the situation they are in, and how they can maximize each of their turns based on their odds.  
You can play the odds in Card Golf Tour just like you can play the odds on the golf course. From week to week, we will share examples of pros playing the odds during the week’s professional golf tournament. Then we will review how you can play similar odds during your next round of Card Golf Tour.  

Pro Example
This week’s edition of Playing The Odds highlights the tournament win by Jake Knapp at the Mexico Open at Vidanta in Vallarta, Mexico. 
“Even though I didn't have my best stuff (on Sunday), kind of doing it for (my grandfather) and everybody else who has been a part of my team and my family and everything for so long,” Knapp said. “Keeping them in the back of my mind and just no quit, no surrender and just grind it out.”
Sometimes in Card Golf Tour, like most card games, you run into an unlucky streak and don’t feel like you have your best stuff. In Card Golf Tour, that could be a string of high number cards from the draw pile or string of high number cards being discarded by the player before you….in both cases leaving you few options to improve your hand. 
In the final round, Knapp grinded out a par save on the par 4 fourth hole. Below is Knapp’s 4'th hole courtesy of PGA TOURCAST. Knapp, typically one of the longer hitters on the tour, pushed his tee shot into the right rough. However, a good recovery on his second shot allowed him to two putt for a par save.

Card Golf Tour Example
Ultimately Knapp prevailed to win the Mexico Open, and this is how his 4'th hole on Sunday could have looked like in Card Golf Tour. Being a par 4, Knapp had 6 cards dealt to him and turned over two cards for his drive. He turned over a 9 iron and a pitching wedge – as though he missed the fairway with his drive and had 19 points in his hand.

In subsequent turns Knapp was not getting good cards and stuck in tough position, like he was on the 4'th hole at Vidanta. Cards being discarded by the player before Knapp included:

And cards Knapp drew from the draw pile included:

Knapp decided against adding any of the above cards to his hand. On his next two turns, Knapp drew a -5 point putter from the draw pile and received a zero point hybrid from the player before him. This was his solid recovery shot from the right rough that landed on the green. This is what his hand now looked like, totaling 14 points:

Knapp made a good lag putt of 47 feet, as though he drew another -5 point putter from the draw pile – to get to 9 points total in his hand.

Knapp tapped his ball in from 14 inches for par – as though he took a zero point hybrid card from the discard pile and saved par with a total of 9 points in his hand.

Join us next week as we play the odds at the Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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