The State of Card Golf Tour – February Edition

Nick Sahrmann | February Update

Welcome to Card Golf Tour’s February business update! This is the second edition in our series of monthly business update blogs. In this blog, you can expect to find information regarding how CGT fared in the previous month, as well as what to look forward to in the coming month. With January in the books, the team at CGT has begun to plan out what February will entail for the business. However, before we jump in, let’s take a look back at what happened in January. 

January In Review
To say January was a learning experience for the team would be an understatement! As with any startup business, we learned many of our lessons the hard way. A few of these lessons learned are as follows: Product design takes much longer than you would expect. Growing a social media following from nothing is very difficult. Search optimizing your website is very time consuming. And simply spreading the word about your product is a journey. All of this leads me to think that if there was a guide for how to efficiently start a business, I am fairly certain it would be the best selling book in the history of mankind. Jokes aside however, January was a great month for CGT. Our team launched our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. A new and improved instructional video for CGT was created. We tested our game with numerous people and received valuable feedback. Our instruction guide has been redesigned for additional clarity and our scorecard has been redesigned to become easier to read. A digital version of our scorecard is now accessible on our website for more convenient scoring. A new blog series titled ‘Playing The Odds’ has been created. And last but not least, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the additional development of Card Golf Tour. So while it may not have been perfect, January was still a very successful month for the business.

February Game Plan
With January behind us, let me take a moment to share what the team at CGT has in mind for February. As mentioned above, at the time of this writing the business is in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign that launched on January 26’th. As of the 1’st of February, the campaign has raised $1,788 of its $2,000 goal. So to anyone who reads this blog before the end of the campaign on February 25’th, take a second to check out our page on and consider backing the project. It would be much appreciated!
Beyond Kickstarter, the team is working on some product changes before we place our next order later this month. We have received feedback from many people informing us that our current instruction guide is a little confusing to use. Additionally, we have been informed that the font on both our current scorecard and instruction guide is too small and hard to read. We have taken these remarks into account and are working on redesigning both our scorecard and instruction guide. It is important to note that the content within both will be only slightly changed. Most of the edits will have to do with formatting. On the same note, we are working on designing new packaging for our game. We are in the early stage of this process and don't have much information to share at the moment. Stay tuned to our social media pages where we will post new product images once we have them.
One of the motives behind our Kickstarter campaign was to see how much interest there is for our game. We recognize that a Kickstarter campaign is a small sample size. However, we will use the results from this campaign to determine the size of our next order. Our manufacturers offices are currently closed in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year and will reopen mid-February. We plan to place our next order around this time and hope to have new copies of our game around mid-March.
As a part of our continued efforts to spread the word about our game, the team at CGT is planning on approaching golf courses in the Kansas City metro to inquire about holding Card Golf Tour events at the course. The team envisions 2-3 hour events where members of the community could come up the course, play some golf, and then play some Card Golf Tour afterwards. Again, further details to come about the specifics.
Whilst the Kickstarter campaign has been running, the team at CGT has been evaluating methods of sale post-campaign. Expect to see the launch of our E-Commerce page on our website around early March. Additionally, the team is considering selling Card Golf Tour through online retail platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook marketplace. Stay tuned to CGT’s social media pages for updates regarding where you’ll be able to find Card Golf Tour.

After a challenging yet exciting January, the team at Card Golf Tour is pleased to say that the best of CGT is yet to come! Thanks to the support and encouragement from friends and family, Card Golf Tour is alive and well. We know that it's early, but the team at CGT believes the sky's the limit for the game and the business. Every company has to start somewhere, and for CGT, it's doing what we like best. Playing cards and having fun. Stay tuned to our blog for weekly “Playing The Odds” posts and the upcoming release of “Wolf” on February 15’th.

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